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end of lease pest spray

End of lease pest spray

End of lease pest spray – What are you responsible for?

An end of lease pest spray is probably the last thing that your thinking of when you’re looking to move out and into another home. In fact, many people forgetting that if they have had pets at their property, they are required to do an end of lease pest spray before vacating. The residential tenancy agency (RTA) governs all rental agreements within Australia, unless your agreement is private you will fall under the RTA regulations. There a many different state law requirements that any tenants must adhere to and pest sprays are usually one of them.

When you’re looking to leave your home, along with a million other things it is something that you need to do. And end of lease pest spray is usually a fairly simple spray around the home ensuring that there are no pests that are invading your home. Our pest sprays are targeted at mainly cockroaches, spiders and other household bugs. If you have had pets living at your home, then you are required to also do a flea and tick treatment as well.

As a home owner it is important that when you are renting out your home that it is protected from multiple sources of damage. A rental agency will usually make sure that all the required services are completed and the property is in good order before a tenant is to leave the home. Most pest sprays at the end of your lease can be done very quickly and usually even after vacating the home. Most rental agencies require you to provide some sort of proof of payment for any work that is done at your rented home. Our pest control specialists are experts at providing an end of lease pest spray so contact us today.

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